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Sessions for Individuals

Presentation development 

Are you preparing a public presentation, an article for the public, a meeting with funders or the media or preparing for a job interview? We can help you speak clearly and authentically to your audience through structure and coaching. Here are two unique templates for you to begin to craft your ideas.

You might consider downloading and looking at both forms before you choose the direction you want to structure your message.

Story structure:  A story unravels, leaving the audience on the edge of their seat wanting to find out what happens next. Often in writing or in a presentation, it is helpful to think about using a narrative structure to engage your audience and help them personally identify with the importance of your work. This form will help you in a presentation, a written article, an interview, a meeting with funders, or any communication in which your audience is coming from a different perspective. Story connects us all–from the speaker to the audience. If this describes what you are looking for, use: What’s the story?

If you are a clinician/researcher and struggle to explain complicated topics to the public, you might be interested in our recent article in the Journal for Clinical and Translational Science called "Finding the Story," in which we provide helpful techniques to engage your audience and communicate clearly and vividly.

Distilled message: If you need to narrow down your ideas and find common ground with your audience, consider using  The BIG IDEA. This form will help you recognize the common ground that exists between you and your audience. This process asks you to dig deeply into your own passions, as well as those that drive your audience to listen. It will also help you think about simplifying jargon and encourage you to use metaphor or visual examples to clarify complicated language. 

We recommend you begin the development of your writing or presentation by preparing one of these forms before scheduling your coaching session. Good luck! 

Communication Coaching

Individual coach sessions to help you diagnose and address communication challenges using practical strategies and solutions. Fill out our request form for a one-on-one session.

Online learning modules coming soon