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Workforce Pipeline and Education

CESJHH believes it is imperative to infuse the healthcare profession pipeline with future medical practitioners who reflect more racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and culturally diverse identities and backgrounds. By diversifying the healthcare workforce, research and approaches to care should be more fundamentally inclusive and equitable and members of marginalized communities stand a better chance of accessing compassionate and culturally competent care.

Pipeline Enhancement

CESJHH engages with existing education, communication, and research efforts within the healthcare profession pipeline by adding such layers as:

  • Incorporation of Empathy and Compassion (E&C) training and/or assessment
  • Funding opportunities to encourage broader impacts
  • Bridging with additional expertise related to social justice and/or E&C


CESJHH is currently developing exciting opportunities for K-12 students and teachers and members of our community to engage with the work of bringing empathy and compassion to the STEM and healthcare profession pipeline for improved social justice. More information coming soon.