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Center for Research on Empathy and Compassion

About Us

The Center for Research on Empathy and Compassion invites applications for one-time, non-renewable seed grant proposals. The Institute exists to enhance well-being of faculty and students through elucidation of the neurobiological bases of empathy and compassion and the application of research advances through novel educational and training initiatives.

Seed Grant Opportunities

Our Center pursues both basic and applied research. The basic science agenda will focus on the fundamental features of neural function and behavior in the context of paradigms that engage empathy and compassion. The applied research agenda will focus on changes that result from training in empathy and compassion, as defined using both subjective and objective measures. Projects that directly link training to changes in brain function are of special interest. In turn, we are eager to exploit basic science insights to enhance training programs. For current opportunities - visit Funding Opportunities. View current awardees and project descriptions.


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Research Day 2024

Mark your calendars for Empathy and Compassion Research Day on Wednesday, January 24, 2024!

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