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Center for Mentorship in Medicine: Master Clinician Program


About Us

The Center for Mentorship in Medicine is dedicated to the design and implementation of novel educational programs to improve clinical training in the 21st century, with a focus on both the science and art of medicine.

The Master Clinician Program (MCP) aims to transform the manner in which we train future physicians by delivering individualized mentorship to medical students from experienced Master Clinicians, with an emphasis on modeling empathetic and compassionate care.  A pilot MCP program in the UCSD Department of Pediatrics has demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach in a real-life clinical setting.  Future efforts will optimize the program and expand it to all core clinical clerkships, customizing the experience on each unique rotation.  Data from the Sanford MCP will be published so the information may be disseminated to other institutions and become the gold standard for clinical training in medical school and beyond.

Decorated medical educators will be paired with third year medical students in each core clinical clerkship with the goal to:

  • Establish a safe learning environment for medical students
  • Increase direct observation of medical students’ clinical skills
  • Increase personalized, constructive feedback to medical students
  • Improve medical students’ clinical skills, deductive reasoning, and interpersonal communication
  • Aid in the development of compassionate, empathetic and self-aware physicians