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Well-being Practices Booklet

About the Booklet

Stress is the combination of an external challenge plus our internal response to it. The same challenge often affects individuals differently. How much stress each of us feel and how our neurophysiology and emotional landscape are affected will depend on many factors. In large part, the stress we feel will be impacted by our internal resources to meet the challenge. It is of course important to acknowledge the systemic factors exacerbating the current covid-19 pandemic. With this acknowledgment, and in this emergency context, we offer this tool to help support the immediate health and well-being of healthcare professionals.

Each of the Well-being Practices is designed to be brief and thus to be practical for use during the day. The accompanying cards can be conveniently kept in a pocket or safe place and referred to during moments of stress. We hope this booklet will provide some support for you during this time.