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Changemaker Fellows: Anti-Racist Pedagogy Learning Community Fellows

The Anti-Racist Pedagogy Learning Community brings together facilitators and fellows as co-learners in a mutually supportive environment where they critically examine teaching practices through a racial equity lens and espouse anti-racist teaching practices to promote the well-being and learning of students, particularly Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and minoritized students.  

Facilitated by the Teaching + Learning Commons Engaged Teaching Hub, the anti-racist pedagogy learning community is grounded in the literature on anti-racism and informed by the work of scholars of color. With facilitators, Sanford Institute-funded Changemaker Fellows engage in readings, reflection exercises, and discussions designed to deepen their understanding of anti-racist pedagogy in the teaching and learning community. Fellows implement a project of their own design enacting anti-racist pedagogy in their class, department, or program, and receive up to $5,000 to support the project implementation. 

Meet our Changemaker Fellows

2021 Changemaker Fellows


Rekha Chandrabose, Associate Clinical Professor; Anesthesiology
Project Title:  Understanding and Addressing Racism in Medicine



Atim Ekpenyong, Associate Professor; Pediatrics
Project Title:  Graduate Medical Education Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Toolkit



Rebecca Fielding-Miller, Assistant Professor; School of Public Health
Project Title:  Decolonizing research methods coursework for public health



Eduardo Fricovsky, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy; Pharmacy
Project Title:  Anti-racism Training Workshop for Pharmacy Students



Natalie Rodriguez, Associate Clinical Professor; Family Medicine
Project Title:  Creating a self-guided interactive presentation to teach anti-racism and social determinants of health curriculum for the UCSD Student-Run Free Clinic Project and all associated courses.



Katherine Petrie, Assistant Teaching Professor; Division of Biological Sciences
Project Title:  Division of Biological Sciences Community of Practice



Sarah Stockwell, Associate Teaching Professor; Division of Biological Sciences
Project Title:  BILD 3 curriculum on human evolution and racial categories