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Faculty Development

Symposium for Innovation in Medical Education

The UC San Diego Department of Pediatrics, Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego, and The Sanford Institute for Empathy and Compassion proudly present the Annual Symposium for Innovation in Medical Education (SIME). SIME serves as a forum for faculty development in the area of Medical Education. It also provides a venue for academic productivity within medical education.


The 4th Annual Symposium for Innovation in Medical Education will be held on May 16, 2025. More details to follow!

Previous Symposium Recordings

Recordings from prior years can be found online via Rady Children's Hospital, San Diego.

  • 2021-2022: Scholarship in MedEd
  • 2022-2023: MedEd Tracks
  • 2023-2024: EDI in MedEd


Faculty Development Sessions

In addtion to the Annual Symposium for Innovation in Medical Education, The Center for Mentorship in Medicine hosts three faculty development sessions per year for all Master Clinicians. The Center also hosts new Master Clinician Onboarding for all newly recruited Master Clinicians. 

Faculty Development Sessions

  • Beyond Teaching: How Can Professional Coaching Augment What We Do as Master Clinicians?
  • Compassionate Facilitation of Health Equity on the Wards
  • What’s In The Secret Sauce? A Recipe for Compassionate Communication as Master Clinicians
  • Juggling Hats: How to Rock Every Role You Play as a Medical Educator
  • Generational Differences in Medicine and Engaging the Learners of Today
  • New Master Clinician Onboarding (Annual)